Buying gold and fragments

    • Whether it would be to buy a new jewel, to get rid of ancient or broken jewels or simply because you are in need of fresh income of money, Paris-Vendôme purchases at market price your jewels or stones, with payment in 24h (bank check or wire transfer).
    • In close collaboration with the Comptoir Européen de l’or, Paris-Vendôme purchases upfront your jewels, your Gold, gold ingot and coins as well as your diamond at market price.
    • Purchase of gold, fragments, broken or damaged gold, old gold, gold in all shapes: coins, dollars, pesos, Souverains, Napoleons. Tax on gold: 10,5%.
    • Whether it is the old gold sleeping in your drawers or the jewels you inherited from your parents or relatives that you will not wear anymore, do not lose anymore time and transform your gold into money by benefiting from market prices.
    • Paris-Vendôme offers a free assessment.

How to proceed! Make sure to follow the instructions given below.

achat or paris vendome achat or paris vendome

Sending your gold by mail

This is very simple and fast. For you safety you must fill in the form presented below with your personal information and a proof of address, like an electricity bill, and a copy of your ID. You can simply transmit these documents by taking a picture with your smartphone and sent them to us at +33 9 53 96 94 49.
  • With a simple email demand you will receive a free by mail the Gold Purchase kit Paris-Vendôme which contains your file number, which will also be kept as you reference number during the whole transaction process.
  • For additional safety, your kit contains a individual identification form of gold fragments, that we encourage you to list, and once again with the help of your smartphone, to take the picture of each of them and send them to +33 9 53 96 94 49 as well as the total weight of your gold fragments, so a first assessment can take place, with all reservations of course of the control by the services of the Comptoir Européen de l’Or when your package is received
  • When you receive your kit, place all your goods, jewels, coins (gold or silver) in the bubble wrap envelope next to precisely filled identification form.
  • After sealing the bubble wrap envelope, put it in the plastic pocket “valeur déclarée” and join a proof of address (electricity or telephone bill), a copy of your ID, and the contract of assessment dated and signed by the seller whose ID is joined. Close the whole package by removing the orange band. See manual furnished with the kit.
achat or paris vendome achat or paris vendome

Mailing the package

  • Take the pre-filled sending form furnished in the kit to your closest post office. Communicate to the post clerk the value that you wish to declare to insure your package accordingly. If you accept our purchase offer, the Comptoir Européen de l’Or will refund your shipping costs from 100g. As soon as we receive the “Valeur déclarée” pocket, our experts will start the assessment of what is in it.

Our online gold purchase offer

  • Our offer will be sent to you by email the same day. You will then be in a position to accept or turn down our buying offer. If you accept our offer, our staff will take care of your payment. If you turn down our offer, your goods will be sent back to you shortly.